George Cacioppo Biography

Since 1978, George Cacioppo has been driving innovation throughout the software engineering and technology industry. While he hails from Suffolk County, New York and spent nearly 15 years of his life in the Northeast, Cacioppo now calls the West Coast his home. He resides in the San Diego, California area along with his family. Throughout his illustrious career, Cacioppo has been a visionary, driving innovation, continuous improvement, and — above all — results. He has consistently demonstrated excellence in developing, operating, and innovating in cloud-based, high-capacity consumer digital commerce, media, and gaming.

Software Engineer

Cacioppo began his career back in 1978 in Greenlawn, NY at Hazeltine Industrial Products Division as a Software Engineer. In this role, he wrote custom code for a variety of different software applications. After spending a total of four years as a Software Engineer, George Cacioppo joined Digital Equipment Corporation (USA) in April of 1982 as the Engineering Manager. He employed his extensive learnings from his previous role to effectively manage the delivery of font products for X-Windows-based workstation solutions. He also created multiple procedures and processes to qualify and release diverse video terminals as well as printing products containing complex software.

Vice President of Software Development at Adobe

Due to the experience gained from working with complex PostScript laser printers in a previous role, Cacioppo was named the Vice President of Software Development at Adobe for Postscript. From April 1992 through February 2004, Cacioppo helped mold strategy, product development, and account growth for PostScript. On the forefront of the Desktop Publishing Revolution, PostScript was released in 1984 as the first device-independent Page Description Language (PDL) as well as a programming language. During his tenure of over a decade at Adobe, Cacioppo actively helped evolve PostScript into a best-in-class RIP technology for commercial and office printing solutions. He actively managed the engineering for up to 40 global OEM accounts that generated more than $200 million in revenue. This entailed overseeing the specification, development, and delivery of key OEM software components with a hyper-focus on:

Critical schedule adherence,

Unwavering software functionality, and

Adobe's world-class quality control standards.

Cacioppo was also responsible for managing custom modifications required to meet customer demands and optimize time to market. As the head of an engineering organization, Cacioppo was tasked with the professional development and growth of 160 members. For almost 12 years, George Cacioppo:

Increased revenue from key accounts,

Grew base of accounts,

Improved product cycle times,

Bolstered predictability, and

Enhanced customer-centric culture.

Vice President of Engineering for PalmSource Holdings

In March of 2005, Cacioppo matriculated into the role of Vice President of Engineering at PalmSource Holding Co in Sunnyvale, California. Foraying into the quickly moving world of smartphones and mobile technology, Cacioppo made an immediate impact at PalmSource Holding. From the ground up, Cacioppo built a robust, dynamic engineering and product management team that supported the highly complex development of new products within the mobile industry. Specifically, he was responsible for the implementation of licensed cell phones, smartphones, and mobile devices. In a short three-year period, Cacioppo managed to:

Accelerate time to market for produce.

Increase adoption of Linux-based OS,

Create and deliver Linux- based embedded software based on Open Source,

And more.

Vice President of Software Engineering for TurboTax

Transforming how individuals and businesses file and plan for taxes, TurboTax is an Intuit Company. Cacioppo joined the TurboTax family in March of 2008 as the Vice President of Software Engineering. As an organizational leader, he was responsible for more than 250 product engineers and staff. He and his team were tasked with the development and operations of TurboTax Online as well as desktop products and solutions. Through his leadership, executive strategy, and vision, Cacioppo delivered more than $1.6B in revenue as well as:

Developed a modern data platform based on Big Data tech,

Increased the reliability of TurboTax and other online products, and

Focused on improving product and solution scalability.

Tapping into his expertise from Palm, Cacioppo oversaw the delivery of cutting-edge iPhone and tablet products, receiving 4.5-star ratings while acquiring digital native customers. Because of his clear focus on strategy, continuous improvement, and process enhancement, he drove multiple process reengineering projects designed to free up resources for new innovation and reinvestment. His dedication to excellence earned him the highly-coveted Intuit CEO Leadership Award in 2010.

Senior Vice President of Engineering for Sony PlayStation Network

When Cacioppo joined the PlayStation Network of Sony Interactive Entertainment in 2013, the current network was teetering. As the new Senior Vice President of Engineering, one of the first steps he took was to stabilize the network. He established both long-term and short-term strategic plans while hiring top talent to grow the engineering organization. These initiatives were instrumental in:

Attacking technology deficits,

Establishing robust monitoring,

Creating a nimble incident response team, and

Solving long-standing customer experience issues.

Cacioppo completely eliminated downtime for maintenance while improving all critical KPIs for issue resolution time, response time, and availability. Instead of staying with old, outdated data center infrastructures, George Cacioppo transitioned development to the cloud and implemented initiatives to increase employee adoption of the latest services and technologies. He also implemented, developed, and instituted a number of world-class, state-of-the-art innovations all focused on improving PlayStation Network performance and operations. And when the COVID-19 pandemic changed the world, Cacioppo's forward-thinking protocols properly positioned the PlayStation Network to meet the massive growth in demand due to stay-at-home orders. Cacioppo's exceptional leadership and visionary abilities earned him the Sony Group Technology Award of 2021.

George Cacioppo Photography

"George Cacioppo has been a proponent of software engineering and technological innovation since 1978. Cacioppo was born in Suffolk County, New York, and spent over 15 years in the Northeast before making the move to the West Coast. His family and he live in California's San Diego region. Cacioppo has been a visionary throughout his lengthy career, supporting innovation, continual growth, and, most importantly, results. He has a proven track record of developing, operating, and inventing cloud-based, high-capacity consumer digital commerce, media, and gaming systems."

"Cacioppo started his career as a Software Engineer with Hazeltine Industrial Products Division in Greenlawn, New York, in 1978. He produced bespoke code for a range of software platforms in this role. In April 1982, George Cacioppo joined Digital Equipment Corporation (USA) as Engineering Manager after four years as a Software Engineer. He expertly organized the supply of typeface supplies for X-Windows-based desktop PCs, drawing on his significant knowledge from prior work. He also developed processes and procedures for certifying and releasing a broad variety of video terminals, as well as printing items with complicated software."

Setting Sail: George Cacioppo Shares His Top Tips For Getting Started as a Sailor

Date: 08-17-2022

Ready to set sail on the open seas? Whether you're looking for a way to have relaxing fun with your family or to spend time exploring the ocean on your own, sailing is a tried-and-true pastime that lovers of the sea have loved for centuries. Here, George Cacioppo shares his top tips for learning how to sail.

Remember: Safety First

While it may be tempting to watch a tutorial and then head out on the water, but you must learn how to sail from someone with experience. Don't run the risk of getting lost at sea.

Take an Online Course Before You Begin In-Person Classes

If you're new to the world of sailing, taking a course online before you begin practicing with an experienced sailing instructor can be helpful. Through free online classes, you can get to know the sailing terms that will help make your first day on the boat easier. You'll also become familiar with the physics of how sailing works and the safety rules that will keep you and your passengers safe while you're on board.

Get Started With Lessons

After you've become familiar with the basics of sailing, it's time to sign up for in-person lessons to help you get started. You'll want to consider what you want to get out of sailing before choosing your instructor. If you want to learn how to race sailboats, choosing an instructor with experience in this area is essential. If you'd prefer to learn how to sail to spend time exploring the ocean, you'll want to choose someone who isn't focused on speed.

If you know people who have sailboats or sail as a hobby, ask them if there is anyone in the area they'd recommend as an instructor. Often, word of mouth is the best way to find out about the top sailing instructors in your area. However, according to George Cacioppo, you may want to get started with lessons while on vacation if you don't live near a large body of water.

Consider Your Vessel

If you're considering purchasing a sailboat, you'll want to work with an instructor who has a boat similar to what you'd like to buy. George Cacioppo recommends getting started with a smaller sailboat, which allows you to get a feel for the water more quickly than if you learn how to sail on a large boat. In addition, learning how to sail a smaller boat allows you to see the boat's immediate response to your actions, allowing you to make quick corrections when necessary. If you want to sail a large ship eventually, talk with your instructor about the best options to work your way up to your desired boat size.